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Is Power Protein -26 only for Body Builders?
NO!  Body builders benefit from PP26, as it will help them repair and rebuild muscle fibers and gain more lean tissue; however PP26 is for people who want to lose weight and also those who want to build, keep or increase muscle mass. PP26 will make you feel fuller longer on fewer calories. 
Our bodies burn more calories trying to process protein than carbohydrates. Dieters build and retain more muscle, which also helps you burn calories. Whey protein isolate really will help you stick to your diet. Taking PP26 reduces the levels of 'Ghrelin' in the bloodstream.
This is important because 'Ghrelin' is nicknamed “the hunger hormone” and, simply put, the longer the levels are kept lower, the longer it will be before you feel hungry again!


For great ideas on using PP-26 , check out our recipe book!


Who can take Power Protein -26 ?
PP26 is produced for people over 18, even though there are cases when teenagers trying to build muscle and are exercising, benefited from it. If you have a lactose allergy, you should not take PP26.
*People on a hurry may take a smoothie that includes a scoop (26grams) of protein and substitute one of their meals. (We recommend adding fruits and veggies to make a complete meal). *Seniors that need protein but do not want or are not able to eat a lot. *People that workout should recover with a Protein source after they finish, Power Protein-26 is the best alternative due to its ProHydrolase which will provide 3 times More Protein Absorbtion. 




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